Vacation at Metsaluige, Kabli beach summer area, Pärnu County!

The day is always changing here – sometimes the beautiful morning light gilds the tops of the pines, sometimes they are ruffled by the treacherous wind. Sometimes the horizon embraces the setting sun, sometimes scarlet caresses the dewy grass.

The best place for vacation is a place that has character, freedom, joy, simple being and time – to be together in this moment and with those whom you have created bonds in your heart!

It’s always good to be at metsaluige, because strong oak logs surround the heart of the home – the main house – which houses the reception of the tourist farm, a 40-seat cafe and restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere, the menu of which has taste experiences for every season for both young and old. The indoor terrace surrounding the house is the favorite place of the guests, with a view over the wonderful spectacles of nature from the spacious windows. However, the centerpiece of summer events is the outdoor terrace, which with its foam of flowers invites you to get together and enjoy the serenades of summer evenings!



Cozy log cabins and camping cabins await every tired vacationer, where you can spend great and refreshing moments alone, with friends, colleagues, or the whole family. Up to 50 people can be accommodated throughout the year. The log cabins have space for both two and up to five guests. The camping houses are suitable for a solo vacation, but there are also two-, three-, and four-person cabins.

The houses are simple but comfortable – each of them has its own terrace and its own birth story. Shower and toilet facilities are in a separate building, the modern interior of which has all the necessary amenities – 9 showers and 9 toilets. In addition, 2 fully automatic washing machines and a dryer. There is a separate disabled toilet for wheelchair users.

All holidaymakers with caravans are welcome, even 60 cars at once! There are electrified caravan sites and washing facilities for them. In the summer, the private pool area is also open, where 25 vacationers can comfortably enjoy the sun at the same time. Whether the summer is hot or moderately cool – the hot tub and the sauna rental option keep both soul and body warm.

All great hikers with their own tent are also welcome, you too have everything you need for a pleasant stay! There are parking spaces and wifi for everyone!


We protect nature and consume sustainably!

We value the natural environment and renewable energy – Metsaluige Turismalu and caravan park operates on the basis of solar energy and geothermal heating.

The energy extracted from the ground is redirected to environmentally friendly geothermal heating, which does not generate smoke, soot, ash, dust, environmentally harmful gases or combustion residues when heated. The geothermal heating system is also safe for children, because the devices have no external components that could be dangerous for both pets and children. There are also no open flame combustion and other mechanically dangerous work cycles.

Solar energy, or solar electricity production for a tourist farm is renewable, safe for the environment and provides an opportunity to reduce one’s natural footprint. In addition, energy production does not generate noise.

When cleaning pool water, no chemicals are used, only salt, which helps to effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses and algae and is skin-friendly!