Metsaluige Camping Rules

1. For safety reasons, please drive the car in the caravan park only at the speed of the pedestrians.

2. Parents are responsible for their children’s activities in the caravan park. Please monitor your children at all times, especially when you are near the playground.

3. Please respect other vacationers – do not listen to loud music. To ensure a good night’s sleep for all of our guests, there is a quiet time from 23:00 until 07:00.

4. Drunkenness, loud parties and provocative behavior are strictly forbidden on the caravan site.

5. Open fires are allowed only on the campfire site. When using the grill, a fireproof mat must be used under it to protect the lawn from traces of fire. If necessary, ask for the mat from camping administrator. The open fire and the grill must not be left unattended, please make sure that the fire goes out.

6. The use of generators and air conditioners is only allowed at an additional cost.

7. Smoking is only allowed where it does not disturb other visitors. Always make sure the cigarette is extinguished and put it in the ashtray. Smoking is prohibited indoors and within a 10-meter radius of the children’s play area.

8. Please keep the parking spaces and the camping area clean. Throw the generated garbage in the trash.

9. Ball and yard games are prohibited if they start to disturb other visitors or are dangerous to cars and / or tents.

10. Don’t leave your belongings unattended. Guests are responsible for their property and vehicles.

11. The owner of the campsite shall not be liable for any damage, loss, expense or injury to any person or property caused by the campsite for reasons beyond the control of the owner of the campsite.

12. Pet owners are responsible for their pet. Dogs in the caravan park must not disturb other visitors and are only kept on a leash. Owners are required to clean up after their dogs to keep the lawn clean.

13. In case of discounts, only one discount (discount card, coupon) applies at a time. (The high season is 1 April to 30 September; the low season is 1 October to 31 March.)

14. In order to ensure the maintenance of the field, the park manager may perform lawn mowing on working days from 12:00 to 17:00.

15. There is video surveillance in Metsaluige camping.

16. Garbage bags are not allowed to be left out overnight (attracting wild animals and birds). Please place the garbage in closed garbage containers located on the terrotorium. Thank you for choosing Metsaluige. We wish you a pleasant holiday!